• Really thin base

    Things are getting really thin out there on the trail so it is good that we are supposed to get some more snow this weekend! Hopefully we will get the couple inches predicted tonight so that we can groom tomorrow morning. Temperatures are looking good for skiing this weekend. Since I don’t have very good […]

  • Base is holding up well!

    The skate lane on all trails were groomed this morning but no track is set. Our base is still too thin for tracks. There are very few thin spots and little to no icy patches. So far the base is holding up really well to our warm days and the skiing is still wonderful in […]

  • We should have great morning skiing this week

    Yesterday we got about 2″ of wet snow so I did a single pass with the groomer on all of the trails last night. No classic track, only skate lane. There was some moisture beneath the snow so classic tracks would have just turned to ice. Luckily, the skate lane is holding up well with […]

  • Snow is coming!

    This is not what I wanted to wake up to! That said, I think the trails have enough base that we should be good to go on the ski trails tomorrow. We are supposed to get 1-3″ of snow tonight and temps are going to drop back below freezing for tomorrow. We hope to groom […]

  • Trail conditions 1-21-2012

    Trail is in great shape. Everything was groomed this morning and track set. It was really cold out there this morning at -2 degrees F: Once the sun came out it was absolutely gorgeous. Have a great time out there today!

  • 1/19/2012 Trail Update

    Rolled the trails this morning but didn’t set track. The snow is still accumulating too quickly to make it worthwhile to set track. Planning to head out this afternoon to groom and set track again. Should be in great shape this evening.

  • Planning to groom about 4pm on 1/18/2012

    Right now the trails are rolled so they are compacted and have the 2″ ribs to catch blowing snow. This is good for skating and ok for classic. We won’t be able to get out to the trails to start laying down nice corduroy and classic track until about 4 this afternoon. Night skiing is […]

  • Trails rolled 1/17/2012

    Rolled all the trails the evening of 1/17. No track set. Parking lot plowed. Lots of blowing snow. Based on predictions, if we hit the trail with the groomer tomorrow it should be in mint shape. More snow predicted for Wednesday night!!

  • Hoping the Warm Day Isn’t Too Warm

    I was very pleased to see lots of people using the trails this weekend. Spread the word because the more the merrier! We ran the ginzu once around all the loops last night to smooth things out from the traffic this weekend. We also trackset the north loop. Hopefully the trails won’t see much use […]

  • Post Ski Update on Conditions

    Let me start by saying that I don’t plan to do a posting every time I do anything as “significant” as fart at the trail park. Sorry for a bunch of posts in the last 36 hours but I am a little stoked right now.  Yesterday was the first good skiing possible at the park. […]