• Not much new snow

    We only got a dusting last night so no grooming this morning. I didn’t get a chance to get out to the trails yesterday to see how they held up to the warm weather so I don’t have much info to report on trail conditions. It is snowing as I type so hopefully we will […]

  • Grooming update 2/14/2012

    The park got about 2-3″ of heavy snow in the past 24 hours. This really helped out conditions and now the thin spots are gone and there is good coverage on all of the trails. I did a single pass with the ginzu on all of the trails. There still is no track set but […]

  • Grooming update 2/12/2012

    All trails were groomed this morning and there is nice corduroy but no tracks set (snow is too shallow). There are some thin spots but the trail is in great shape overall. Get out and enjoy the sun!!!

  • Grooming Update for 2/11/2012

    Rolled all of the trails this morning but didn’t lay down any corduroy or tracks yet. Over night the park got another inch or more of snow (for about 3″ total so far) and there were periods of heavy snowfall while grooming. The snow is not sticking to itself or the ground very well and therefore isn’t […]

  • Snow!!!

    Mother Nature seems to be doing her part right now to get us back out on the trails! We are hoping that enough snow will fall today and overnight to allow grooming early Saturday morning. A lot of the base stuck around so a few inches of dense snow should get us back up and […]

  • Please Stay Off Soft Ski Trails

    Unlike the last few weekends where we have gotten snow Friday or Saturday, Mother Nature is holding out on us this weekend. There is still a fair amount of base but it is probably best not to go on the ski trails right now. In the mornings when still frozen it is icy and hard […]

  • Base is holding up!

    Did a quick ski at the park this morning and I am happy to report that the base is holding up well to the warm weather. There are bare patches but nothing you can’t dodge. The classic track is surprisingly good also. The trail is hard and icy and there is not enough depth to allow us […]

  • Warm days + Cold Nights = Wonderful Morning Ski

    Groomed yesterday afternoon to take out the ruts and wear from the weekend and to mix in the inch of snow we got during the day. Trail came out super flat, firm and fast. Set track on all trails with firm walls and fast but kickable tread. With these warm days and cold night the morning skiing […]

  • Grooming update 1/28/2012

    The park got approximately 3″ of dense snow last night and this morning. There was some rain before the snow so the base was fairly saturated. Luckily the wind is drying things out nicely and the temps are dropping. The lot was not plowed when I was out there this morning but at least the entrance/exit onto […]

  • Holding off on grooming until later in the morning

    I had planned to groom early this morning but am holding off until later in the morning. The temperatures are still borderline, the snow is soft and it is snowing pretty hard as of 7am. Looks like temps will drop throughout the day and that the snow will stop around 10am. Hopefully there wasn’t much […]