The Manistee Non-Motorized Trails Park is a City of Manistee Park being developed through the collaboration of the City of Manistee Non-Motorized Transportation Committee and the Shoreline Cycling Club.  There are currently about 3.8 miles of trail which we groom for classic and skate skiing and 5.4 miles of groomed fat bike trail.


We have some exciting things in the loop such as improving the driveway into the park as well as other improvements to the parking area, permanent signage and new trails.  Please feel free to contact us or donate if you would like to help. The Cycling Club is a registered non-profit organization and all work done at the park is volunteer/donation based.

We try to post the latest info we can about the trail system under “Trail Conditions.” This will include grooming updates, snow conditions or anything else that may be pertinent to using the trail system.

20 responses to “Welcome!”

  1. I will have to check out this cross country ski trail again this winter. Last time I tried classical skiing here I found it difficult to get a good rhythm going, finding numerous overly sharp turns getting in the way. At that time the classical track was set far to one side occasionally taking me into direct contact with a tree on the inside corner of a turn. If the next time I ski this trail it looks anything like this picture, it will be a great improvement for classical skiers to enjoy. My hope is that the groomer has learned that making wide sweeping turns makes it easier for both the grooming process and the skiers. Enjoy the snow

    • Hopefully this upcoming summer (2014) we can make some trail modifications to make some of the corners more gradual. Not much we can do about it now because the trees at the sides of the trail prohibit us from changing up the corners too much.

      This year we are placing the classic tracks 1-2′ more towards the center of the trail to avoid any overhanging branches and to improve the firmness of the poling area. There is still plenty of room for skating without screwing up the classic tracks. Sorry about last year, skating groomer bias.

      • Yes, I fully understand the struggle in getting the “perfect” balance among all users. Some things we can fix given enough time, others not so much. Thanks

  2. We used the trails on Saturday, Feb 22nd and they were in great shape. The groomer was just making his rounds, and we saw only 1 other person. Trails are clearly marked, and we had a good ski. The driveway does need some work, but with this much snow, it was still passable.

  3. I thought skiing was done for the season, but David Stewart told me yesterday that he had recently groomed the trail. So I told myself I had to go. Temperature last night after work was 48 degrees. My first outing on the trail was a great experience. I thought it would be too soft and mushy, or that I would destroy the trail. None of that, it was an excellent glide, especially for my first year on skate skiis. It seemed like the entire trail was all mildly downhill. This morning it is raining, but I still look forward to getting out on the trail a few more times (just the hope of having another fun outing is great for the attitude even if it doesn’t happen). David said that when it gets cold he can groom. Great job. Beautiful trail so close to town. Great signs. Thank you. -John Veach

    • When I checked late last week the compacted base was approximately 18″ so I am guessing we will be skiing for at least a couple more weeks! With the amount of base we have the rain/melted snow can drain out of the top layer preventing the track from getting icy. As long as the temps drop below freezing we can keep grooming. I am hoping to ski into early April!!

  4. Looks like the oath needs mowing. Also the dig signage is down and more directional signage is needed. Needs some work. I would be interested in helping with tone and money.

    • Liz,

      Thanks for reaching out! We generally don’t do a ton of work on the trails during the summer because usage is primarily during the winter. We would really welcome some help to improve summer maintenance! I am headed out of town for a bit but will reach out when I get back.

  5. Looks like the oath needs mowing. Also the dig signage is down and more directional signage is needed. Needs some work. I would be interested in helping with tone and money.

  6. February 1, 2021

    Trails are very good with the skate skiing lanes having a 1 inch new snow covering over a firm pack giving very nice cruising conditions, soft and gentle. Tracks are very well set-One bare area (of course under a Pinetree). Light until 6:20 pm

  7. Trail conditions February 2, 2021

    Trail is very good, skating lines are firm and soft 1 inch on top of that not ruttedBut getting some use. Tracks are wonderful

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