Trail Maps

The Manistee Non-Motorized Trail Park is located on approximately 170 acres of Manistee City Property. It is on the north side of M55, approximately 3 miles from the M55/US31 intersection.

The topography is flat making for excellent beginner skiing but also is fun for blasting around on the flats for more advanced skiers.


New for the winter of 2015/16 are some groomed fat bike trails. Below is the trail map for the fat bike trails and also shows the ski trails. The trails will be multi-use (walking, running, mountain biking…) when the snow is gone.

Fat Bike Loop with ski trails shown – Dec 2015 – V1.2

2 responses to “Trail Maps”

  1. Fresh snow! Freshly Groomed and Tracks set. Parking lot had not been plowed at 7am today but trails are ready to go.

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