• Time to ski!!

    Parking lot is plowed and the trails are groomed. Time to ski!!! Went out with the ginzu this morning to smooth out the skate lane and try to put down some classic track (Andy, you can’t say I don’t do anything for you:)). The skate lane is in great shape. There are still some “hairy” […]

  • Snow, wonderful snow

    The park had about 6″ of nice dense snow this evening. it was wonderful to see a couple more inches than in town. It compacted down to at least 1.5″ which is more than we have had at any other point out there this year. Hopefully mother will keep this up and provide another inch […]

  • Update on Trail Conditions – 1/4/2012

    This morning I headed out to the trails for a quick pre-work ski. The good news is that it was skiable but the bad news is that there are still some spots out there that are pretty thin. With rock skis it is ready to go. With nice skis you are going to need to […]

  • Probably good to ski on Wednesday!

    We got 2-3″ more inches of snow in the last 24 hours so I went out with the roller again tonight to pack in the new snow. All in all, things are looking pretty good considering how much (little?) snow we have gotten. The above picture was after 2 passes over the trails. I did […]

  • Rolling, Rolling, Rolling…

    I made a trip to the park last night to check out the condition. Was really hoping that there was more snow on the ground than there was by the Big Lake. Luckily there was more but the soggy ground was melting a lot of the snow so there was only about 1″ of snow […]

  • Snow Update, Trailhead Kiosk and New Trail Maps

    While we did have almost skiable trail on Christmas Eve, most of it all melted in the last few days. Luckily some of the base did stick around but we still need about 6″ of snow before it will compact down enough to have good skiing. Here is a picture from late Tuesday before the […]

  • First Real Snow of the Season!

    Merry Christmas! We finally got some snow!! There was about 4″ of fairly dense snow out at the park this morning with an icy layer from the previous days right on top of the soil. The whole time we have been building this trail system I have wondered  how it was going to be to […]

  • Signposts and Gates

    This weekend with a lot of help from people we were able to get in most of the “infrastructure” needs for this winter’s trail use. Below is Bob our master gate builder installing one of his creations. He built and donated three of these 12′ metal gates for use by the parking lot. These will […]

  • Please Donate Old Skis and Poles

    Have any old skis or poles in storage that are just taking up space? We are looking for donations of old skis and poles. Doesn’t make a difference if they are XC or alpine. These will be used in the construction of sign posts, to mark trail hazards that the groomer needs to dodge, mark […]

  • Our Grooming Equipment for this Winter

    A couple weeks ago we traveled up to ABR in Ironwood, MI to pick up some of our grooming equipment for this winter. Getting it back down from Ironwood was a long haul but Eric up at ABR was a great guy to work with and the equipment should allow us to do some really […]