February 6, 2023

All trails were “ginzued” this afternoon due to some ruts and unfortunate deep boot holes. Tracks still good and parking lot is good. Skate trails are excellent. Hope to get thru the next warm weather and maybe get some more snow

Please if you must walk on the trails please walk on the side of the trails and not on the tracks.

Trails should be good tomorrow morning but if exceedingly warm and soft or rain lets wait for colder weather (and more snow) great thanks


One response to “February 6, 2023”

  1. Better signs are needed – the people I came across walking on the ski track Sunday claimed “we walk here all the time in the summer!”… maybe they are that clueless, but I’m not sure that signage will keep some from walking on the track, but I know their car, a grey Lincoln SUV

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