December 7, 2022

Beautiful moonlight night for skiing, clear skies and the planets.

By the way, Holst “the Planets” great to listen to while skiing. Probably know “Jupiter”.

Skating trails groomed tonight. Very firm and flat but a little slow because of the temperature 1 °F. Tomorrow should be much, much better. Dress in layers and you should use your cold wax. (tip use vasoline to cover exposed prominences such as earlobes nose and cheeks) 6 new inches of snow. Going to set diagonal tracks tomorrow.

Bike trails are also groomed and much firmer.

  1. Cross-country skiing is great because it is the ultimate in social distancing. If 100 people were scattered out skiing at the nonmotorized park there would be 226 feet between them. Besides you do not catch coronavirus outdoors.

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