Update on Summer Work at the Park

We may be a couple months out from skiable snow but I just wanted to post a few updates about the park.

As a result of the Oleson Foundation and a grant that the Shoreline Cycling Club applied for, we are able to have the driveway paved and curb cuts installed according to the requirements of MDOT.


This should make the driveway a heck of a lot nicer to pull into and out of. We have some other improvements planned for the drive and parking lot but nothing as big as the entrance. The other improvements will happen in two phases with part being done this fall to make it easier to find the park as well as defining the drive a bit better and the work this next spring will include some beautification to make the park more inviting.

As for the ski trails, a HUGE thank you goes out to Mickey who did an amazing job moving all the trails. This should help get us on the trails as early as possible this winter.


The last thing to report is the development of a dedicated fat bike and snowshoe trail. We are still laying out the route and it is going to take a fair amount of work to clear it but we are targeting a 3+ mile loop to be open and groomed this winter. It will be fairly narrow “singletrack” that will wind around and should be a lot more fun than the open and wide XC ski trails.

We will be having a couple work days this fall as well as having some sort of bonfire in the parking lot area where we are hoping to burn a lot of the dead wood and debris that is surrounding the parking lot and entrance. More details to follow.

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