Single pass of skate lane Sunday morning

Only had time for a single pass of the skate lane. Still some ruts and two people walked the trail yesterday when it was really soft. The single pass repaired a surprising amount so it should be pretty good skating. Catch it at the magic hour when it is just starting to soften and it will be amazing skiing today!

One response to “Single pass of skate lane Sunday morning”

  1. Wow! Fantastic ski Sunday morning at 11:00 AM. FAST. FAST. FAST. (It was also sunny and warm, 38 degrees by the time I got out.) Saturday afternoon was warm, the trails soft and slow. It was great to ski after the trails were groomed Sunday AM. I’m watching the weather to see how much more fast skiis we can squeeze out of this season. I may have to hit the trail before work in the early AM if weather is right (Wed AM looks promising.) Thanks. -John V..

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