Getting there!

First, I want to apologize for squandering some great snow conditions this past week. This big early snow caught us a bit off guard and we still have some prep work to do on the trails. For instance, we have only mowed half of the track so far because the snow kind of impaired the process. 



We have the new signs up! There is now an entrance sign, new trailhead sign as well as new intersection signs. A big thank you goes out to District Health Department #10, the Wise Woman Grant and Amor Signs for helping to make this happen. All parties were wonderful to work with and we now have top quality signage that should hold up for many years.




We hope to have the grooming equipment all tuned up and ready to roll this week. Things are in good shape but we want to run through the snowmobile to make sure it is in top condition and also need to make some minor tweaks to the roller and Ginzu.

Anthony’s Outdoor Services has agreed to help us with the plowing this year and we are really excited to work with them. Anthony is a great guy and does very high quality work. If you need any plowing, landscape… work done I highly recommend you talk to Anthony.


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