Grooming Update for 2/11/2012

Rolled all of the trails this morning but didn’t lay down any corduroy or tracks yet. Over night the park got another inch or more of snow (for about 3″ total so far) and there were periods of heavy snowfall while grooming. The snow is not sticking to itself or the ground very well and therefore isn’t forming a very good micro-base on the bare spots.

Are conditions great? Nope, but it isn’t so bad that it should deter anyone from getting out skiing. 95+% of the trail is in good shape, just be careful of the few thin spots which might be a bit grabby. Likewise, I wouldn’t take race skis out there today but you aren’t going to screw up your skis if you are careful out there today.

We probably will not groom again until Sunday morning. At that point we are hoping to lay down some corduroy and tracks if at all possible. If it keeps snowing throughout the day like it has this morning, we should have some good skiing tomorrow and enough base to last well into the week.

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