We should have great morning skiing this week

Yesterday we got about 2″ of wet snow so I did a single pass with the groomer on all of the trails last night. No classic track, only skate lane. There was some moisture beneath the snow so classic tracks would have just turned to ice. Luckily, the skate lane is holding up well with very few icy patches and no dirt spots coming through. The skiing last night was very good.

While our day temperatures look like they are supposed to be above freezing through Friday, the night temps are still dropping below so there should be good morning skiing until the snow gets above freezing and turns soft. Please stay off the trails if the trails are really soft in order to maintain the good base we have.

We will try to touch up the trails with the groomer when possible but it isn’t looking good over the next few days. Our base hopefully will hold up well until Saturday when the next batch of snow looks like it might come through. Fingers crossed!

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