Post Ski Update on Conditions

Let me start by saying that I don’t plan to do a posting every time I do anything as “significant” as fart at the trail park. Sorry for a bunch of posts in the last 36 hours but I am a little stoked right now.  Yesterday was the first good skiing possible at the park. On top of the snow conditions, it was low to mid twenties with lots of sun making for a beautiful day to be outside.

The skate lane was firm and surprisingly fast considering the fresh snow. The classic track was better than I had imagined. Good kick and glide with very solid coverage; you can avoid any debris easily. The walls of the track are on the soft side so you can’t rail corners like a slot car but it is still really good skiing.

Now the geek out stuff. If you are interested in GPS related stuff about the trail, here is my ski from today.

If that didn’t scare you off, the following should. I had a GoPro on loan so I figured, “why not record what conditions were like on the first good day?” Here is my ski of the west and east loops of the trail:

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