Probably good to ski on Wednesday!

We got 2-3″ more inches of snow in the last 24 hours so I went out with the roller again tonight to pack in the new snow. All in all, things are looking pretty good considering how much (little?) snow we have gotten.

The above picture was after 2 passes over the trails. I did a third pass over the east and west loops to level things out a bit more and get everything as firm as possible. The center 6′ of the trail has a very nice and firm 1.5″ of base. The 2-3′ at the edge is a little softer but still pretty good. I only did 2 passes of the north loop so it is a bit bumpier and softer in the middle but still probably very skiable. I have not put down any corduroy or tracks yet in the hope that we might still get some blowing snow that can get caught in the big ribs left by the roller.

I am planning to test out the snow tomorrow and will report if it is worth heading out for. They are predicting above freezing temps for Thursday-Saturday and little to no snow so Wednesday is looking like the best day we might have for a bit!

A quick shout out to Quiring Cycles for helping with the setup of the grooming equipment and making the mount for the rear work light. Scott’s help made setting up the groomer a ton easier and the rear work light is awesome for night grooming.

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