Rolling, Rolling, Rolling…

I made a trip to the park last night to check out the condition. Was really hoping that there was more snow on the ground than there was by the Big Lake. Luckily there was more but the soggy ground was melting a lot of the snow so there was only about 1″ of snow covering the trails and wet (not frozen) ground underneath.

Planning to roll everything Monday morning so if the snows come through in the afternoon things will be as ready as possible. Keep your fingers crossed that Mother Nature follows through on the promises the weather people made.

Update: Rolled all the trails and there is pretty good coverage on all of the trails. That said, we need the snow to keep coming in order for it to be skiable because there is no base left over from before. On my second pass down the trails I could already tell the ribs from the roller were helping to catch the blowing snow so hopefully it will be skiable tomorrow (or maybe tonight)!

A couple days ago I got all of the intersection signs up. Really pleased with how they turned out. Still haven’t gotten anything posted on the trail head kiosk but the trails are totally useable now even if you haven’t ever been out on the trails before.

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