Month: January 2016

  • Trails groomed Wednesday 

    Ski trails were rolled earlier in the day and then hit with the ginzu in the evening. Fat bike trails were groomed in the evening. Please stay off the trails until our temps drop below freezing again and the trails firm up. Should happen mid day Thursday.

  • Skate lane cleaned up Friday

    The skate lane got a little love today and should be super nice once it sets up. Fat bike trails were groomed again last night (Thursday). Enjoy!!

  • Trails groomed Wednesday

    The ski trails were groomed (including track set) Wednesday and are in excellent shape. Half of the fat bike loop was groomed on Wednesday (inner loop and the section of the outer loop to get there). Planning to groom the remainder this evening.

  • Trails groomed Monday mid-day

       The ski trails were triple rolled and should be great skating. Fat bike trails were rolled too.  

  • Trails groomed Saturday

    The trails were groomed yesterday to take the ruts out from our warm Friday. Conditions should be excellent. Fat bike trails have not been groomed since the warm up but are also in superb condition. Enjoy!!!

  • Fat bike trails groomed Thursday night

    All of the fat bike trails were groomed Thursday night. They should be in great shape this weekend if we don’t get people riding them today (Friday) when the snow is warm and soft. Hopefully more snow will come through and if that happens, we will be grooming all of the trails this weekend.

  • Ski trails rolled Thursday

    All of the ski trails were rolled with the comb down on Thursday. No track has been set but we are hoping to do that tomorrow (weather permitting). Conditions should be WONDERFUL for skating and pretty darned good for classic if you don’t mind the lack of track. Get out there and enjoy!!!!

  • Trails Groomed Wednesday

    All of the ski trails were groomed again on Wednesday. No classic track was set. Should be great skiing out there right now! Fat bike trails were in great shape Tuesday evening and I don’t expect that to have change until we get substantially more snow.

  • Everything Groomed Tuesday Morning

    6-8″ of fresh snow over night. Ski trails had two passes with the roller and then I rolled all of the fat bike trail. The ski trails had set up enough that I took the ginzu out to smooth everything out on the ski trails. No classic track set because I could only just keep…

  • Rolling, rolling, rolling

    All trails (ski and fat bike) were rolled Monday night. Now let’s see what Mother Nature brings!